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Boiling It Down | Advanced Technology

Forecasters from Weather Forecast OfficesSophisticated computer technology and maximized communications and research, combined with the talent and expertise of meteorologists, have helped revamp the quality and volume of aviation weather information and facts, which is critical for flight safety and efficiency. The Weather Service will continue to field brand-new and improved aviation weather products in cooperation with the FAA.

Present-day research is predicted to lead to more precise clear air turbulence projections at altitudes up to 45,000 feet (13.7 kilometers), far better thunderstorm forecasts out to 12 hours, and greatly improved icing severity forecasts. Such potential advancements will allow NOAA to continue to deliver information used by airline dispatchers, pilots, and air traffic managers– details that helps them make more intelligent choices about where and when to fly to be secure and to minimize fuel use.